A county of the United States is a local level of government smaller than a state but generally larger than a city or town, in a U.S. state or territory. The actual term "county" describes them in 48 of the 50 states; Louisiana uses the term "parish" and Alaska uses the word "borough." Including those, there are 3,086 counties in the United States, an average of 62 counties per state. The state with the fewest counties is Delaware (three), and the state with the most is Texas (254). In many states, counties are subdivided into townships or towns and may contain other independent, self-governing municipalities.
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Lists of counties by state   US Counties Demographics: Land area of counties in the western United States
is much larger than the land area of counties in the eastern United States. For
example, in the eastern United States the median land area of counties in
Ohio is 1,138 km (439.5 sq. miles) and in Georgia it is
888 km (343 sq. miles), whereas in the western United States the median land
area of counties in California is 3,977 km (1535.5 sq. miles) and
in Utah it is 6,286 km (2,427 sq. miles) At the
2000 U.S.
Census, the median population of the 3,066 U.S. counties was 24,544
inhabitants, which is 33 times less inhabitants than the median population
of a ceremonial county of England, and 21 times less inhabitants than the
median population of a French
d partement
The most populous county (or county equivalent) is
Los Angeles County, California with 10,226,506
people as of 2005, and the least populous county is
Loving County, Texas with 67 people as of 2000.

The most densely populated county (or county equivalent)
is New York County, New York with
66,940 people per square mile (ppsm) as of 2000, and the least densely populated
county is Lake and Peninsula Borough, Alaska
with 0.08 ppsm as of 2000. The least densely populated county equivalent
is Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska
with 0.04 ppsm as of 2000.



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